This is the registration page for the 2014 Low-Carb Meet & Greet.

To register, just click on the “Pay Now” button and follow the PayPal process. If you are bringing family and friends, make sure to change the total number attending in “Quantity”. You might also leave us a note, during the checkout process, to let us know your name and those you’re bringing, and maybe where you will be coming from. Thanks, and see you soon!


11 Responses to Registration

  1. Lynn Weiler says:

    I registered my husband and I 13 minutes after Jimmy posted it on Facebook. Our son lives in Bloomington . We visit often. We can’t wait to meet you all.

    Lynn Weiler

  2. debra prim says:

    OMG!!!! We are going to meet Dana and Jimmie!!!!!! I live in Kansas and I cannot not wait!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dana Powers says:

    Would love to come. I live in Peoria Illinois only 3 hours from Indianapolis. My husband will come as well. So 2 of us.

  4. Dana Powers says:

    Just paid for my husband and I to come.

  5. Carla Bradley says:

    Born and raised in Indiana and now living in Colorado. Serendipitously will be in Columbus with relatives at the time of the Meet and Greet. Not at goal weight and trying to learn all I can about how to make this a lifestyle that’s sustainable. Looking forward to this opportunity to hang out with and learn from like-minded people!

  6. Barry Hughes says:

    I am coming from Columbus, Ohio and will be excited to see everyone.

  7. Claudia Henley says:

    Claudia Henley & Paulos Hughes here. We had such a great time on our 1st LCC that we’re driving in from Milwaukee, WI.
    Excited to be joining you all this year! Please e-mail the address.
    Thank you!

  8. Ann Webberley says:


    Last year was our first time there. We live in Nashville,IN. Hope the weather is better this time. Karen enjoyed the BBQ and the tour.

  9. Elena Lozada says:

    Per our conversation, I’ll bring a guest.

  10. Mary-Clare Holst says:

    Hi Dana! Hi Eric!
    I know you didn’t believe me when I said I was coming but I meant it [even though I wasn’t convinced I could make it]. Now I look back at the top of this page & realize that this isn’t the way to register. I’ll do it properly now!